Studio visit:Arthouse Meath

Arthouse Meath is one of our favourite stockists. We have been working together for many years. They work with adults living with epilepsy to produce artworks then create wonderful items like greeting cards, mugs, baby grows and many more. The range has grown stronger and stronger over the years, I'm always so looking forward to see their new designs and introducing them to our customers. I have been always a big fan but never visited their shop/studio based in Godalming to see the making process. It's often the case for the retailer as we are at the end of the supply chain. So I decided to hop on the train to visit the makers. It was such a treat for me to take a time off visiting the studio and meeting the artists and everyone works at Arthouse. I brought some pictures of Family Tree shop with Arthouse products displayed on the shelves to share with the artists. They looked all proud to see their designs sold at Family Tree and the pictures gave them positive encouragement to keep creating. Visiting studio is real perks of shop keepers!

Screen archives of new and old greeting card designs stored in printing studio upstairs.

There are wonderful splash of colours everywhere in the studio.

Stocks of mugs and jugs waiting to be packed and shipped to over 160 stockist all over UK.

These are only small part of greeting card range. It's so hard to choose which designs to stock at Family Tree.


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