Treasure Francais

I've been shopping and I've found some treasure for you! All available at 53 Exmouth Market today. Until it's gone that is: when it's gone it's gone.

Got a load of those French school stamps in: I love French school stuff, always so attractive. Look at the range of fruit and veg they learn as nippers too: artichokes and asparagus. Tres Francais.
Tiny factory is my favourite.

There's also a little load of these attractive wire plant hangers (we've got plants to go in them too). Oui tres bon! They look lovely against shoddily painted textured wallpaper.
Bottle brushes! Very appealing things.
A bunch of brushes beats a bunch of flowers any day.

I could photograph the things all day.
Their construction is so simple but satisfying.
Dirtiest great bottle of ink I ever saw! Yessss. We'll never run out.
These cheese presses really please me: I love the wonky holes and little legs. You could use them as a fruit bowl or for your cutlery too. Beauties.

And just when I think I've got over enamel it comes back to bite me: I mean, will you look at these bowls!? Nasty seductive little beasts.
New watering can for the shop: so we can do everything in an idyllic manner, including plant watering.
You're meant to put candles inside these lanterns but I really couldn't recommend it: maybe just hang them up as they are and admire their stripes. Tres jolie.
This kind of pottery gets me every time: it is so breakable though. This one survived the journey home, unfortunately it's twin didn't.
These little glasses are called penny licks. You'd have one served to you with a blob of ice cream in the top (I'm guessing it cost a penny) - then you'd lick it off and hand it back. Imagine that being your weekend treat. I can shove a whole Vienetta in my gob sideways and still feel peckish.

These flat enamel shades are simple and functional (and cheap) - I usually see them in dark green but was very smitten with this nice pea green variation. We have quite a few in stock if you fancy a set too.

And finally: nice French botanical posters. A stupid buy because they're massive and the shop is so tiny. If you like them please come buy one so we can move around again - thanks!See you down here soon.

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