We had small summer holiday in Alicante, Spain. The town had hint of Moorish influence, lots of beautiful old lightings and colours of interior inspired me with new ideas.

Friend of ours who moved there 2 years ago kindly let us stay. (at her apartment right in front of beach! with cute 70s flower canopy) we really admired the fact she moved there on her own, learned the language, set up a business and thriving.
she has been a great hostess too, feeding us great food & drinks made of fresh local ingredients. Food has been definitely the highlight, even coffee tasted amazing! I don't know why we can not get the same coffee over here. I love the coffee in London, Paris, and all the other cities, they are all different and lovely in their own way. but these coffee in Alicante really amazed me. I hardly make coffee at home but I will buy a coffee maker over the weekend so I will test if I can match Spanish standard with the beans I brought back.

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  1. can you recommend any good markets in south of spain as I'm hunting for supermarket stuff?! sarah


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