Have a marvellous weekend

Have a marvellous weekend sausages. We can't wait to welcome Rose De Borman next week - see you Wednesday night!

Here are some links to things we like that will please your eyes and brain

The Buckminster Fuller Institute on Facebook is always sharing good things.

The Magic of Marble

This nice blog


Takako and Jo.



Surprise balls!

We are lucky enough to have some of glorious Gina's surprise balls in stock! They're in our brick and mortar shop and some will go up in the webshop soon.
Eep! Here are some nice photos from Gina's Flickr account whilst we have a nice time photographing and generally gloating over our very special surprise balls.


Rose De Borman at Family Tree. June 24th - July 6th

Rose De Borman will be showing some new work along work (along with some old favourites) at the shop this month! It's going to be amazing. If you don't know Rose's work her website is well worth a browse. I've picked out some of my favourite bits too . . . 

the exhibition will run from Wednesday July 24th to Monday July 6th. There will be an opening event on the Wednesday too: with the opportunity to loiter around and nosey stuff with a beer in your hand.
See you there!



We went buying in Latvia and it was pretty amazing! There will be some beautiful Latvian stuff in the shop soon. For now there's Takako's beautiful I heart Riga print in the webshop.

We arrived and went straight to our apartment which was an amazing, massive building - with amazing features like a tiled stove in each room. I liked this room best - which was painted in no less than 5 shades of pink.

Then we headed into Riga itself: browsing markets and shops . . . 
Checking out the views . . .

Everything in Riga is on a large scale: it feels spacious and quite imposing in places.
Finally we got on a very crowded bus and headed out to . . . the best craft fair in the world.
Full of amazing textiles, woodwork and pottery.

(I bought those slippers)

Latvian folk are very proud of their culture and traditional dress: and so they should be. It was so nice to see people of all ages dressing up, dancing, selling their wares and demonstrating traditional crafts.

The fair was in a forest so when we got tired we just scrambled up a nearby slope for a sit down (and maybe the odd bit of fried meat and potatoes).
We also had fun buying a lot of these amazing masks! They're made by a 77 year old lady from papier mache and they're so sweet. She's so clever at making nice expressive pieces: we ended up buying quite a few! Come see them in the shop soon.
It was a flying trip all in all but we did manage to make time for an enormous slice of cake in Riga's best tea shop: it has a glass upstairs level with beautiful views over a park and river.
Well deserved.


Izzy in the shop

We've had Izzy with us yesterday and today (and Rob at times too). 
It's been lovely to see how she works. We played around making bonnets and headscarves and chewed the fat a little.
Izzy's new collection will be in her shop soon - so keep an eye.