Nodo jewelery

We're very pleased to have new chunky jewellery in the shop by Nodo, come in and try them on: they're perfect, very contemporary pieces. Deeply satisfying stuff. 
They're all in the cabinet at our Exmouth Market shop if you fancy coming down and trying it on.

The bangles are the perfect way to really perk up an outfit and they're very reasonably priced too (just £13.75) - probably won't stay that way when everyone gets to know about them mind.



Things are changing slowly over at the Family Tree website and yesterday we decided to try and take a nice picture of ourselves - to fully let all you chums know that we are two people now. Here it is!
Out of 2 million photos of us looking awkward and drunk here is one where we look 'calm and happy' (Takako's words for the ideal photo) Yessss!
A dear friend of mine who's a  professional photographer told me that clients always say they want models to 'look as if they have a secret they are just about to tell you' - how about that for a steaming load of pretentious?! Very funny. Anyway, can you guess the secrets we're just about to tell you in this photo?

- Jo. X


Frida Larsen's vintage pop up

It's tomorrow, Sunday 15th Feb.
We will be open 12-5, hosting Frida Larsen's vintage pop-up. Here's a photo of some fine examples of what's on the rail. How cute is this outfit!


Happy Valentines sweet-hearts.

Happy Valentines everybody.
It's the perfect time to express appreciation for your special person: we have a range of beautiful gifts to suit all sorts of people and tastes.
Head to the Valentines section of the web shop if you can't make it down in person.
If you love them, keep them warm with Irish, woven scarves, 100% wool.
Earring at a range of price points: from £8-£80
Scented candles, made in Sheffield.


Throwback Thursday.
To that time when we were both snowmen.


Arthouse Meath Delivery

We have new Arthouse Meath products in the shop today! Including a large selection of their cards: which are all brilliant. Most are super neon: so they send the camera in to a tailspin. Here are some photos of cards that our lens can cope with.
Amazing, I think you'll agree.