Christmas window

December this week!
We have put up Christmas window last week. Big thank you for Alex, core crew of Family Tree, for staying till late to put it up! We were up on the step ladder with power tool on one hand...but the result is delicate and so pretty. Late night shopping party this Thursday, with 15% discount and warming mulled cider. please join us if you are free. X


lots happening!

feels like it has been a while again. but there are so many things happening at shop at the moment.obviously lots and lots of new stuff coming in everyday. I will try to up few pictures over the coming weeks.

there's rather big and important notice here. we got "Family Tree gift voucher" available at shop. soon it will be on-line shop too. we just got plenty of tissue paper, white satin ribbon and round family tree logo sticker, getting ready for busy season's gift wrapping.

I made some necklaces with vintage beads I have been collecting for a long time. also got new colour ways and shape (owl!) of washi jewellery.


labour of love

it's get dark around after 5 now and our shop window looks very cosy. I'm very happy with this current window arrangement!

It has been always important for Family Tree to offer temporally housing (until they find a new home) for very special hand made pieces. I'm very honored that these designer makers trust us to leave their precious result of labour of love.
candy hue vintage button and silver earring by Tomoko Hori.
wool snake draught excluder by the Black Rabbit
hand printed tiles by Robert Ryan
barbarabearo recycled denim bears
exquisite hand made cups by Ikuko Iwamono.